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I’m Emily, and I have spent my life as a passionate dancer and dance teacher. With over two decades of experience in business management, I am dedicated to assisting studio owners in expanding and enhancing their business operations. I will partner with you to identify the crucial steps required to achieve your goals, and then shoulder the responsibility of executing those tasks, freeing you to focus on what you do best

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Circle photo of Emily


Attract new students with 50% off monthly paid ad management



A range of marketing packages to suit every dance studio’s size, budget and mission. Grow your enrolment numbers month on month with the confidence I’m as passionate about marketing as I am about dance


Running a dance studio can be a lonely place. Who knew when you followed your passion, you’d need to be an account, project manager, strategist, salesperson, and more. Let me support you to focus on what you do best

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Brand Guidelines for Dance Studios

Discover the essential elements of crafting compelling brand guidelines for dance studios. Elevate your studio’s identity, connect with dancers, and dive into the art of effective branding. Explore the rhythm of success with

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