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The holy grail of dance studio management is having a steady stream of new students walking through the door. Here we highlight five key ways to increase your dance studio enrolment.

Boost your dance studio enrolment with these five simple steps

Increasing enrolment in a dance studio can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it is possible to attract new students and retain current ones. Here are five ways to increase enrolment in a dance studio:

Facebook Ad Campaign

Social media advertising is a powerful tool for reaching potential students. Facebook ads can be targeted to specific demographics, such as age, gender, location, and interests. This allows dance studio owners to reach a wider audience and increase awareness of their studio.

Facebook ads should not be confused with boosting posts on your studios Facebook page which simply ensures more of your current followers see that post. Facebook ads allow you to target exactly the type of customer you are looking for even if they are currently not aware of your dance studio.

To create a Facebook ad campaign, dance studio owners should create eye-catching visuals or videos showcasing their studio and its offerings. The ad can target a specific audience, such as parents of children between the ages of 5-15 in the local area. It is important that any ad includes a call-to-action (CTA), such as “Enroll Now” or “Book Your Trial Class Today,” with a link to the studio’s website or booking page.

Referral Schemes

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to promote any business. Offering a referral scheme, where current students receive a discount or other incentives for referring friends and family to the studio, can help boost enrolment numbers and create a loyal community of students.

A referral program for your dance studio will reward current students for referring new ones. For example, if a current student refers a friend who enrolls in a class for a stated amount of time, both the student and their friend can receive a discount on their tuition fees, free branded clothing or entrance to an event. This incentivizes current students to promote the studio to their friends and family, helping to increase enrolment.

Free trials and open days

Hosting community events, such as free trial classes, dance showcases, or open houses, can help raise awareness of the studio and generate interest among potential students. This is also an opportunity to showcase the studio’s unique selling points and build relationships with the local community.

Dance studio owners can host free trial classes, open houses, or dance showcases for the local community. For example, a dance studio could host a “Bring a Friend” event, where current students can invite a friend to try a class for free. This not only introduces potential new students to the studio but also encourages current students to invite their friends to try dance classes.

Social Media Engagement

Consistently engaging with current and potential students on social media can help build a relationship with them and increase their likelihood of enrolling. Posting engaging content, such as behind-the-scenes glimpses of classes or showcasing student achievements, can also help build a sense of community and encourage enrolment.

Dance studio owners can engage with current and potential students on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. For example, a studio can post behind-the-scenes photos and videos of classes, student performances, or dance competitions. They can also share success stories and testimonials from current students to show the benefits of attending the studio.

Collaboration with Local Businesses

Partnering with local businesses, such as gyms, schools, or community centers, can help expand the reach of the studio and attract new students. This can involve offering joint promotions or hosting events together to increase visibility and attract potential students. 

Dance studio owners can partner with local businesses to offer joint promotions or events. For example, a dance studio could collaborate with a gym to offer a joint membership promotion, where students can attend both the gym and the dance studio for a discounted rate. They could also host a joint fitness or dance event to attract new students from the local community.


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