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Boost Your Dance Studio Enrolment

save 50% on Facebook and Instagram ad management

$100 (regular price $200)

Unlock your studio’s growth potential with 50% off monthly ad management.  Get every aspect of your Facebook and Instagram adverts managed including audience definition, advert copy and creatives, customized landing page and lead capture for just $100. Rest assured, every element will be tailored to your studio’s mission, brand and aims. Adverts will be continually optimized to achieve maximum results.

Offer available for a maximum of 3 months and excludes any costs payable to Facebook/ Instagram

Let's get started!

The details

Audience definition

I’ll work with you to figure out exactly who your ideal student is. This way, each ad will be targeted on demographics specific to your studio, mission and values to give it best shot at being successful.

Ad Copy and Creative

All of your ad creatives and content will be produced for you, specifically to connect with people who resonate with your studio, mission, and values. And don’t worry, it’ll all blend seamlessly with your current branding.

Customized landing page

A tailored landing page will seamlessly integrate with your studio’s website and branding. The page will resonate with your ideal audience, fostering an immediate connection, captivate attention and drive engagement.

Lead capture

 The lead generation landing page will adeptly collect data tailored to your preferences. Swiftly passed to you, these leads will be ready for your practiced follow-up, offering a direct route to converting them into enthusiastic studio enrollments.


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